Our school offers a comprehensive Portuguese language program based on the Framework for Portuguese Education Abroad (QuaREPE), which serves as a fundamental assessment tool for students studying Portuguese Language Teaching Abroad (EPE). EPE is an educational initiative aimed at teaching Portuguese language and culture to children of Portuguese communities residing abroad. Our school is dedicated to promoting the learning of Portuguese Language and Culture to both Portuguese descendants and individuals interested in acquiring knowledge of the Portuguese language and culture. We follow the general curriculum guidelines established by the Camões Institute for Cooperation and Language to develop essential skills.

Our teaching approach emphasizes the development of the following Portuguese language competencies:

  • Oral comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Reading
  • Writing.

Throughout the academic year, which spans from September to June, our in-person classes are held on
Saturdays from 9 AM to 12 PM. During these four hours, students have classwork and also participate in various activities designed to enhance their Portuguese language skills and foster an appreciation
for their heritage. Our student body comprises individuals aged between 5 and 18 years old, who have the option to undergo the Portuguese language certification process administered by the Camões Institute for Cooperation and Language, I.P. (website: www.instituto-camoes.pt). This certification is an elective examination available to our students.

Additionally, our students have the opportunity to take the NEWL (National Examinations in World Languages) test, which is an advanced placement exam aimed at assessing proficiency
in Portuguese language skills.

Teaching Levels

Pre-School 1 (5 years)

Pre-School 2 (6 Years)

Classroom Level A1

Classroom Level A2

Classroom Level B1

Classroom Level B2

Classroom Level C1

What if Student does not yet communicate in Portuguese

At Luis de Camões, we want to assure parents that even if their child does not speak any Portuguese at all, our dedicated teachers are fully capable of assisting them in getting started on their language learning journey. We understand that language acquisition takes time, and we are committed to providing the necessary support to help students gradually develop their communication skills in Portuguese.

Our teachers are experienced in working with students at various proficiency levels, including absolute beginners. They employ effective teaching strategies and create a supportive learning environment to help students overcome any initial language barriers.
Through a combination of immersive language instruction, interactive activities, and personalized guidance, our teachers ensure that each student receives the attention and guidance they need to progress in their Portuguese language skills.