Going beyond the boundaries of the classroom

Students of Luis de Camões Portuguese School have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the diverse cultural activities and events hosted by Sport Club Portuguese. As an integral part of this centennial and vibrant Portuguese organization, students can immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of experiences that deepen their understanding and appreciation of their Portuguese heritage.

Sport Club Portuguese organizes a wide range of events throughout the year, including captivating shows, delightful dinners, and captivating art exhibitions. Attending these events allows students to witness firsthand the vibrancy and diversity of Portuguese culture. They can enjoy traditional music, dance performances, theatrical productions, and other artistic expressions that showcase the essence of Portuguese traditions and customs.

Moreover, students have the chance to actively participate by joining the club’s Folklore group, the Camponeses do Minho. Being part of this folk group allows students to engage in traditional Portuguese dances, music, and costumes. They can actively contribute to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Portugal, while also enhancing their own knowledge and skills in performing arts.

By participating in these cultural activities and events, students of Luis de Camões Portuguese School go beyond the boundaries of the classroom. They embark on a much broader and enriching educational journey that exposes them to the multifaceted aspects of their Portuguese heritage. It provides them with a holistic understanding of their roots, language, traditions, and values.

Through their involvement with Sport Club Portuguese, students not only deepen their cultural knowledge but also build lasting connections within the Portuguese community. They have the opportunity to engage with people who share a common heritage and to forge friendships that can last a lifetime. This sense of community and belonging further enhances their overall educational experience and fosters a deeper appreciation for their Portuguese identity.

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