Honoring a Legacy: Unveiling the Manuel Morais Classroom at Luís de Camões Portuguese School

In a heartwarming ceremony filled with nostalgia and reverence, Luis de Camões Portuguese School, a proud part of Sport Club Portuguese founded in 1921, honored one of its most cherished figures on March 23. The event marked the official unveiling of the Manuel Morais classroom, a tribute announced during the Sport Club Portuguese 102nd anniversary gala on February 3rd.

The ceremony, held at the Luís de Camões Campus on 87 Congress Street in Newark, New Jersey, commenced at 10:30 AM. Among the esteemed guests were Mr. Morais’ family, Helena Vinhas, President of Sport Club Portuguese, Susana Caetano, Volunteering Director at Sport Club Portuguese, Jack Costa, President of the General Assembly at Sport Club Portuguese, Victor Vinhas, Vice Treasurer of Sport Club Portuguese, as well as the dedicated teachers and students of Luis de Camoes Portuguese School.

As the family embarked on a poignant tour of the building, they shared fond memories of Mr. Manuel Morais, reflecting on his remarkable legacy spanning over 50 years of volunteering at Sport Club Portuguese. Mr. Morais, who joined the organization in 1970, played pivotal roles in its success, particularly within the school.

In 1972, when Luis de Camoes Portuguese School was housed in cramped classrooms behind the club on 55 Prospect Street, Mr. Morais recognized the pressing need for expansion. With a surge in immigration in the 1970s, accommodating 450 registered students became a challenge. Mr. Morais led a determined committee tasked with securing a new building for the school, facing skepticism and opposition along the way.

Under his steadfast leadership, the committee successfully secured the building on Congress Street, which now stands as the home of Luis de Camões Portuguese School. Decades later, Mr. Morais continued to champion the school’s growth and development as a member of the Property Committee, contributing significantly to its modern renovations.

During the ceremony, students had the opportunity to learn about Mr. Morais and his profound impact on the school’s history. Jack Costa provided the family with an overview of the school’s current status and future plans, emphasizing the enduring legacy of Mr. Manuel Morais.

The unveiling of the Manuel Morais classroom symbolizes more than just a physical space; it stands as a testament to the enduring dedication and vision of a man who tirelessly worked to ensure the preservation of Portuguese language and culture for future generations.

As Luis de Camões Portuguese School continues to thrive, the spirit of Mr. Manuel Morais will undoubtedly live on, inspiring students and educators alike to uphold the values he held dear.

In honoring Mr. Morais, Luis de Camões Portuguese School honors its past while embracing its future with gratitude and pride.