Keeping the Flame of Portuguese Traditions Alive in the Younger Generations

Over the past weekend, on November 10th and 11th, the Warren and Newark campuses of the Luis de Camoes Portuguese School echoed with the melodies of São Martinho traditions. The commitment of our school to teach students about various Portuguese traditions was highlighted during this special event.

Students had the opportunity to delve into the cultural roots that are part of our heritage, learning about the São Martinho tradition in the classroom. Theory seamlessly transformed into practice when students had the chance to experience chestnuts, as tradition dictates.

The experience was warmly embraced by the students, who not only had an immensely enjoyable time but also absorbed valuable knowledge about the traditions embedded in the rich Portuguese heritage. We extend our gratitude to Our Lady of the Mount Church and their team for their support in the Warren event, as well as to the SCP Volunteers for the Newark event.

A special thank you goes to Chef Tino Resende in both locations, who prepared the chestnuts especially for the children. His dedication contributed to making this celebration even more memorable.

At Luis de Camoes Portuguese School, we believe that education goes beyond the classroom, and events like these reinforce our commitment to providing students with an education rooted in the cultural traditions that have shaped our history.

We express our gratitude to everyone involved for making this event a success and for helping to keep the flame of Portuguese traditions alive in the younger generations.