New Student Activity at the Luis de Camões

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a captivating new activity, Theater, at the Luis de Camões Portuguese Language School. Starting next school year, students from first grade and up will have the opportunity to participate in this enriching program that combines the art of theater with the learning of the Portuguese language and culture. The Theater activity will be skillfully coordinated by our experienced teacher, Zee Oliveira.

Objective: The main objective of the Theater activity is to cultivate students’ linguistic abilities, boost their confidence, and deepen their cultural understanding through active involvement in various theatrical experiences. This immersive and interactive approach not only enhances language proficiency but also fosters essential life skills such as teamwork, public speaking, creativity, and self-expression.

Content and Structure: The Theater activity is thoughtfully designed to cater to students’ diverse language proficiency levels and interests. It will take place during the hour from 12pm to 1pm, providing an engaging opportunity for students to explore the world of theater.

Benefits: Participation in the Theater activity offers students a range of invaluable benefits, including:

a. Language Proficiency: Engaging with the Portuguese language in a theatrical context enables students to expand their vocabulary, improve pronunciation, enhance fluency, and deepen overall language comprehension.

b. Confidence Building: Through theatrical performances, students will develop self-assurance, conquer stage fright, and refine their public speaking abilities.

c. Cultural Appreciation: Immersion in Portuguese literature and culture through theater empowers students to develop a heightened appreciation and understanding of the rich heritage of Portuguese-speaking countries.

d. Collaboration and Teamwork: Theater naturally encourages teamwork and collaboration, fostering valuable interpersonal skills, empathy, and respect for diverse perspectives.

The Theater activity at the Luis de Camoes Portuguese Language School, led by the experienced teacher Zee Oliveira, promises an exciting and fulfilling experience for our dedicated students. By seamlessly integrating language learning, cultural exploration, and the art of theater, this activity provides a dynamic platform for students to elevate their Portuguese language skills, nurture their creativity, express themselves, and cultivate a deep appreciation for Portuguese culture. We eagerly anticipate embarking on this unforgettable theatrical journey with our students.