Promoting Portuguese Reading with Author Hugo Sampaio at Luís de Camões School

Newark’s Luís de Camões School recently hosted an exciting event aimed at promoting Portuguese reading among students. Renowned author Hugo Sampaio led an animated and interactive session, incorporating music to captivate the audience and ignite their imagination. The session not only focused on developing writing skills but also instilled a love for reading in the Portuguese language.

During the event, Sampaio presented his latest book, “Bairro da Poesia e Bambaré,” a collaborative effort with co-author Lurdes Breda. The book offers a captivating exploration of poetry, showcasing Sampaio’s literary talents and his ability to engage readers with vibrant storytelling.

The initiative received tremendous support from the Coordination of Portuguese Education in the USA, demonstrating the commitment to promoting Portuguese language and literature in the region. Notable figures in attendance included José Carlos Adão, the Deputy of CEPE-USA, Jack Costa, President of the General Assembly of Sport Club Português, and Sila Santos from the Consulate General of Portugal in Newark, NJ. Their presence underscored the significance of the event and its impact on the educational community.

Building on the success of this event, Hugo Sampaio will continue his literary endeavors with an upcoming meeting organized by the Cultural Section of Sport Club Português – Proverbo. This gathering, to be held at 55 Prospect St. in Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood, will serve as another platform for Sampaio to share his passion for literature and connect with readers. The venue’s proximity to Newark Penn Station and Peter Francisco Park, home to the monument commemorating emigration, adds a touch of historical significance to the occasion.

The Portuguese reading promotion session with Hugo Sampaio at Luís de Camões School showcased the power of literature in fostering imagination, creativity, and a love for language. Such initiatives play a vital role in nurturing young minds and preserving cultural heritage within diverse communities like Newark.