Introducing the Digitalization of Portuguese Language Classes (EPE) at Luis de Camões School

Luis de Camões School is excited to announce its participation in the Portuguese Language Classes (EPE) Digitalization project, led by the Instituto Camões. As part of this initiative, each of our students will receive a temporary free tablet, granting them access to a wealth of digital content.

This project, developed by Camões, I.P. (Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs), aims to enhance the Portuguese Teaching Abroad network, known as Ensino Português no Estrangeiro (EPE) in the United States of America. It involves providing students and teachers with electronic devices to support Portuguese language teaching and learning, along with access to digital content platforms.

At Luis de Camões School, all our students are entitled to utilize a tablet (electronic device) free of
charge, complete with a keyboard/cover, digital pen, and backpack. These items will be temporarily assigned to students while they are registered and attending Portuguese language classes at our school. It is essential for students to take good care of the assigned electronic device and return it upon ceasing their enrollment at Luis de Camões.

The tablets are equipped with the Windows operating system and Office 365 productivity tools. Moreover, they offer access to two digital content platforms tailored to the age and proficiency level of each student, providing comprehensive resources for learning the Portuguese language and immersing in the culture.

We are thrilled to embark on this digital journey to enhance the language learning experience for our students. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@luisdeCamõ