Luis de Camões School Celebrates End of Year with Spectacular Party

On June 25th, students, parents, and directors of Luis de Camões School gathered together to celebrate the end of another successful school year. The much-anticipated event took place at the Sport Club Portuguese Hall, where the room was filled with an atmosphere of excitement and energy. This end-of-year party served as a final opportunity for students to spend time with their schoolmates before the summer break.

The festivities kicked off with a remarkable performance by the Pre-School students, led by
Professor Zee Oliveira. The young ones impressed everyone in the room as they passionately sang the Portuguese anthem. Their heartfelt rendition received an overwhelming response, with the audience joining in and showering them with resounding applause. It was a truly memorable moment that showcased the talent and enthusiasm of the school’s youngest members.

Following the enchanting performance by the Pre-School students, several distinguished speakers took the stage. Tiffanny Callahan, the school’s director, addressed the audience with an inspiring speech, reflecting on the achievements and growth of the students throughout the year. Her words resonated with parents and students alike, reminding them of the importance of education and the valuable experiences gained at Luis de Camões School. The school director also presented advisor Jack Costa, president of the general assembly of Sport Club Portuguese, with a token of appreciation, acknowledging his dedicated support to the school throughout the year.

Helena Vinhas, the president of the Sport Club Portuguese Board of Directors, also took the opportunity to express her admiration for the school’s dedication to fostering Portuguese language and culture within the community. She emphasized the significant role Luis de Camões School plays in preserving and promoting Portuguese heritage, and commended the efforts of the students and teaching staff.

Jose Carlos Adao, the assistant coordinator of Portuguese teaching in the USA, delivered an insightful speech highlighting the importance of language learning and cultural exchange. His words reaffirmed the value of bilingual education and the benefits it brings to individuals and society as a whole.

The event further delighted attendees with captivating stage performances by students from all the classes. The audience was enthralled by the creativity and dedication displayed by the students, showcasing their progress throughout the year.

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However, the pinnacle of the day was the graduation ceremony of Juliana Soeira, a 9th grader who completed her time at Luis de Camões School. Her achievement was celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride, as she received the coveted student cape—a tradition initiated at the school the previous year. Juliana’s graduation symbolized the culmination of her educational journey at Luis de Camões School, marking a significant milestone in her life.

Video os memories prepared for the graduate

As the ceremony drew to a close, the students bid farewell to their classmates and teachers, eagerly
anticipating the summer break. The time off will provide an opportunity to relax, recharge, and prepare for the upcoming year, where they will continue their Portuguese language and cultural learning journey.

Parents were reminded of the importance of early registration for the upcoming school year. Luis de Camões School encourages parents to visit their website, luisdeCamõ, and secure a spot for their children as soon as possible. By enrolling early, students can ensure their place in the esteemed institution and take advantage of the enriching educational experience it offers.

The school also expressed its gratitude to Henrique Mano, the representative from Luso Americano newspaper, for his presence at the event and the continuous support the newspaper provided throughout the school year. The collaboration with local media is crucial in reaching Portuguese families interested in their children learning the Portuguese language.

The Luis de Camões School’s end-of-year party was a resounding success, filled with heartfelt performances, inspiring speeches, and an overwhelming sense of community spirit. As the students embark on their summer break, they carry with them the memories and accomplishments of the past year, eagerly anticipating the continuation of their educational journey in September.