Pedro Seromenho visited our school

On Saturday, October 7th, the Luís de Camões School received a very special visitor: the writer and animator Pedro Seromenho. From early morning, the students were filled with excitement, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the guest of honor. And what a wonderful morning it was!

During the presentation, all the students were captivated by Pedro Seromenho’s stories and animations. The audience was attentive, with bright eyes and smiles on their faces. The children couldn’t contain their excitement and curiosity, asking questions and interacting with the author.

The contagious energy that filled the room was palpable. The atmosphere was one of pure joy and admiration. Applause echoed through the room, showing the affection and gratitude of the students for Pedro Seromenho’s talent and dedication.

It was an unforgettable morning, where imagination took flight and words transformed into magical stories. Pedro Seromenho’s visit to the Luís de Camões School certainly left a deep mark on the hearts and minds of the students. After all, moments like these are precious and inspiring, igniting a love for reading and art.

We are immensely grateful to the Camões Institute and to the writer and animator Pedro Seromenho for sharing their talent with us and for making this day so special.